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Ya Kassim(AS)
02 2nd, 2007

Oh Kassim you went to your mother
for permission and then your uncle Hussain

He refused you and said you are a sign of my brother
I shall not let you be slain

You begged and begged, you kissed his hands
You begged even more and said uncle please understand

You fell to his feet and begged even more
Until he said yes and tears from his eyes did pour

You got up ready,ready to fight
And your uncle Hussain hugged you very very tight

You put on your armour and were ready to go
You were not to return this your uncle did know

He fell on the hot sand and started to weep
His nephew to be martyred his pain so deep

What courage and valour you went into war
Until you were struck and you fell to the floor

Horses stampeded your body they tore
This pain in my heart I still do store

You called out oh uncle help me, uncle Hussain
My mission is complete I have been martyred I have been slain…..

The Alam of Abbas
02 2nd, 2007

Why do we hold high the Alam of Abbas ibn Ali,
For Sakinas thirst why do we cry in pain so tearfully,
This Alam is his whose hands were on the river severed from his body,
till today from these cut hands we recieve support and so does the whole of humanity

Islams Golden Star
02 2nd, 2007

This is the land the land of Kerbala
This is the day the day of Ashura
Hussien goes to battle after death of all
Yet he stands for Allah he stands their tall
Attacked by thousands with spears and knives
Hussien is dying hear the cries
The time has come for Hussien to die
My heart is breaking blood I am starting to cry
After all the troubles on this day
The despots speak and they start to say
We avenge the death of forefathers before
We want Muhammeds blood we want even more
This sacrifice of Hussain is what you envy and jealous of this you are
300 million people crying and screaming Ya Hussain and only
He is Islams golden star
No leaders could ever emulate his feat
In fact they are not even worth the dust left underneath his feet
Oh Hussain my master thank you for saving the ensaan
Your sacrifices for us is why we still have the Quran
Oh enemies of Ali please appreciate what our Imam has done
Or are you still yazidis and like you know who from battles do you run
Whichever you adhere too well they are both just the same
How could you cry, murders don’t cry for their victims and surely you killed our beloved Imam Hussien

The sands are hot I am falling please help me mum
Look now I am alone its so hot I feel the rays of the sun
My brothers is gone my back broken where is Akber my son
I am calling for help no answer no one
I have been hit a thousand times my blood is gushing into my eyes
Zainab and Kulthom I can hear your cries
How can I help you all these spears and knives
I am falling mother and the ground is hot
I have suffered I have suffered I have suffered a lot
Oh father Ali blood in my eyes I cannot see
They have kicked cut and beaten me
They are about to strike me on my throat
They are slaying me as if I am a goat
Do they not understand
I have drank from the prophets hand
I wonder what you said when shimr came
To severe your head-and spill the blood of Hussain
When the strike does hit you oh hit you Hussain
My heart does tear I can not take this pain
I do your aza while I take your name
Every minute of my life Ya Hussain Ya Hussain Ya Hussain

The pain of Hussien
02 2nd, 2007

Imagine imagine oh people imagine the pain
When his six month old baby to the rivers took Imam Hussien
Only for water by Allah this is his right
He was thirsty for three days and three nights
No mercy no mercy only disdain
This is the story the story of pain
Oh Hussien in front of the enemies you stand
Give my baby water I leave him here in the sand
In case you think due to him- I will take water in my hand
And drink using him an excuse- no this I have not planned
No mercy no mercy no mercy, oh Hussain
They didn’t give him water they only gave you pain
You took him in your arms and stood there in shock
Then they shoot an arrow made for a horse and to your arm your baby they do lock
Oh people if you do not cry by now your heart is made of rock
When we do cry please our actions do not mock
The sky is crying for these lips so dry
Fourteen hundred years on the lovers of the Ahlul Bayt do cry
This was in the world when innocence did die
Yazid I have one question just one why why why?

Bibi Sakina (AS)
02 2nd, 2007

Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Rahim
Allah bless Muhammed and the progeny of Muhammed

A poem for bibi Sakina/Rukaya (AS)

I saw my father beheaded lying on the ground
I saw my brother Akber in his own blood he was drowned

Where is Asghar,I can’t hear him cry, nothing not a sound
I saw my uncle Abbas his head with arrows was crowned

I saw my Cousin Qassim his body blood did surround
Then the enemies stole my earrings and chased me round and round

I am Sakina I am only four water from me for three days they did keep
Now I am in this jail a dungeon so very deep

I have no tears , I am drained I can not even sleep
I remember the events in Taf and then I start to weep

My aunt Zainab is tired and my brother is sick and frail
I want to see my sister Sughra and I want back my veil

Instead they bring my fathers head I scream and in my heart I start to wail
Oh shia don’t forget my troubles I am Sakina I was only a child and I died in this very jail

Oh Sakina your grief is too heavy for my heart
Lanat on you yazid and Ya Hussein zindabad

What essence in your being,
That love in me does just awake,
The closer I get and when you I’ll be seeing,
My emotions overtake me with love I begin to shake,
I look at you now and my life has new meaning,
From you some painful beauty with me I must take,
Oh Kerbala I feel what your feeling,
Oh land of loving sorrow,Oh Land of Heartbreak
Oh for the martyr Hussien(a.s.) With whose blood your sands are drenched
Oh land where my leader does rest,
Call me to see him, welcome me as a pilgrim, please please make me your guest