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This month of Ramadhan is ending hells gates open once more,
The raining of mercy will trickle when in this month it for sure did pour,
Are our sins forgiven so many that we commit,
In front of the one who forgives did we beg enough or just a little bit,
If we were on trial and the judge said you shall be pardoned if for mercy you plead,
For a month you would beg and beg for mercy indeed,
So understand the chance to us  that Ya Rahim Allah has given,
We have a blessing for in this month our sins can be forgiven

The Night of Qadr
10 6th, 2007

Tonight is Qadr the night when the devils are chained,

The night of power the night when tomorrow is ordained,

 Tonight heavens gate is open hells gate is closed so pray tonight from the heavens mercy shall rain,

 Ask for forgiveness from the creator so pardon is gained,

So your past through repentance is cleansed and your soul with evil is not stained

Salam in Ramadhan
10 6th, 2007

Peace peace be upon all,

The month of mercy arrives and makes it call,

Abstain from the pleasures from when the sun does rise to when  set it shall,

These actions of submittance will be of no avail,

If the life of one does not change to another direction avoiding the fire of hell