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Oh roof of my house be gone
How can I be covered ,when my son,in the deserts heat is alone

Oh candles do not give me light
Without my child, my days are now nights

Oh son without you, your mother is in grief
I suckled you, a mothers wish, but for a time so brief

I look in your cot and call out your name
Oh son I start to cry, my grief I can not contain

Look at this distraught mother, thirsty my son was taken from me
I can never forget my child and his blood drenched body

I can not eat, drink, or even sleep
Oh Asgher for you, your mother forever weeps

Oh sands of Karbala look after my child, he died with thirst
Oh desert you are now his mother.
For only six months her child this mother could nurse.

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Oh land of Karbala and land of Yathrib
Today a child, when before his Uncle and his Grandmothers rib

Oh look Fatimah, They will never stop
Until these Hell-Seekers have of blood spilt every single drop

Oh the seeds of Karbala had been planted long ago
When the door was kicked, when Zahra was hit by that blow

You took one child oh seekers of hell
Why then did you have to take the life of Ali Asgher aswell

Oh Ahle-Muhammed for you, our hearts are full of sorrow
Where once it was Mohsin, today Asgher will follow

The Blood of his son, to the skies Hussain throws
Oh door kicker and hurmala your atrocities are exposed

These are the days when innocence did die
Oh door kicker and yazid I have just one question.. Why, Why, Why?

The pain of Hussien
02 2nd, 2007

Imagine imagine oh people imagine the pain
When his six month old baby to the rivers took Imam Hussien
Only for water by Allah this is his right
He was thirsty for three days and three nights
No mercy no mercy only disdain
This is the story the story of pain
Oh Hussien in front of the enemies you stand
Give my baby water I leave him here in the sand
In case you think due to him- I will take water in my hand
And drink using him an excuse- no this I have not planned
No mercy no mercy no mercy, oh Hussain
They didn’t give him water they only gave you pain
You took him in your arms and stood there in shock
Then they shoot an arrow made for a horse and to your arm your baby they do lock
Oh people if you do not cry by now your heart is made of rock
When we do cry please our actions do not mock
The sky is crying for these lips so dry
Fourteen hundred years on the lovers of the Ahlul Bayt do cry
This was in the world when innocence did die
Yazid I have one question just one why why why?

Ya Ali Asghar
02 2nd, 2007

Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Rahim
Allah Bless Mohammed and the Progeny of Mohammed

Inna lillahi wa innanillahi rajiun,
My peace is gone so is my sakoon,

My son is quiet I can hear no sound
For water I brought him but no water he found

Locked to his arm Hussein said my child awake at me please look
This is when the lands of Taf,Najaf and Medina in anger shook

In his hands his Childs blood to the skies Hussein throws
Hurmala may Allah curse you, your atrocities are exposed

In shock Hussein thinks what happened to my little star
In this state to his mother how can I take Ali Asghar

My baby of six months your thirst will be quenched by the prophets hand
I too will see you in Firdaus but for now I will have to bury in this hot hot sand

Ilahi Ilahi to my little star look what they have done
I have been looted they have murdered my baby son

Oh Hussein your grief is too heavy for my heart
Lanat on you yazid and ya Hussein zindabad