Poetry dedicated to Islam and the Ahlul Bayt (household Of the last Prophet of mankind)All poems written by Abu Shahbaaz Londoni , poems are copyrighted and maybe used in the promotion of Islam, however all printed material must contain the source or acknowledge the writer unless agreed by prior permission

The pain of Hussien

Imagine imagine oh people imagine the pain
When his six month old baby to the rivers took Imam Hussien
Only for water by Allah this is his right
He was thirsty for three days and three nights
No mercy no mercy only disdain
This is the story the story of pain
Oh Hussien in front of the enemies you stand
Give my baby water I leave him here in the sand
In case you think due to him- I will take water in my hand
And drink using him an excuse- no this I have not planned
No mercy no mercy no mercy, oh Hussain
They didn’t give him water they only gave you pain
You took him in your arms and stood there in shock
Then they shoot an arrow made for a horse and to your arm your baby they do lock
Oh people if you do not cry by now your heart is made of rock
When we do cry please our actions do not mock
The sky is crying for these lips so dry
Fourteen hundred years on the lovers of the Ahlul Bayt do cry
This was in the world when innocence did die
Yazid I have one question just one why why why?

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