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Learn to love Ali(as)
09 21st, 2008

The suns light dims and the glimmer of the stars start to fade,

This light and glimmer of hope today on the 19th of Ramadhan has been attacked by a poisonous blade,

Every command of his Lord Ali(as) has obeyed,

For his total love of Allah(swt) today his due Ali(as) has paid,

His blooded beard does testify,

That a man Allah(swt) himself does sanctify,

Oh muslims with hate him you vilify,

The truth you you hide and no matter how hard you try,

The truth is real the Truth can never die,

Ali (as) left us with Hasnain(as) and Zainab(as) to fight,

He gave everything for Allah(as) and for what is right,

So Learn from Ali(as)  everything for Allah(as) learn to give,

And learn to love Ali(as) so you can learn to LIVE!!!!.

To be like Ali(AS) is hard but its harder to make him againFor a new Ahmed(SAWW) a new Zahra(AS) a new Kaaba will not be made the same

And anyway Ali(AS) is he that the nusayrrih call by Allahs(SWT) name

Brothers Allah(SWT) does not create Allah again and again

My Heart and Love
10 6th, 2007

Look in my heart,in half you will see love for Hussain(A.S),
No other love in my heart cant feel no one elses pain,
Look in the other half and you will see love for Ali(A.S),

No other emotions in my heart can there ever be,
Why? How? You may ask me,
If you knew them like I do there is nothing else in life that this abu shahbaaz can see.  

The key to knowledge
02 24th, 2007

I look for the door of knowledge and I look for the key

I find this door very solid to open it I need Ya Ali


Who is this
02 9th, 2007

In the beauty of the moon and the stars there is you,
In the leaves and the stems of the flowers there is you,
In the air there is you in the rays of the sun there is you
Oh you are everywhere
when there was nothing there was you.
Allahu Allahu Allahu

Every Prophet is in the order of you
He is sent by you and speaks only what is true
If I am one who has love for him
Whose every action is pleasing to you
Your lover is he and his lover are you
Allahu Allahu Allahu

No one can enter the celestial kingdom of you
‘Cause who can stand in peace in the kingdom of you
Who can stand without fear in the kingdom of you
Who can have beauty if not created by you
Like when Josephs was sold in the market you knew
For the soul of the Prophets buyer are you
Allahu Allahu Allahu

No actions have any effect on you
Moses asked and spoke many times to you
Even then you never brought him in front of you
You never let him see who is you
And with Mohamed you did converse through and through
Allahu Allahu Allahu

When was it in Allah’s will to converse with anyone
When was it in his will to befriend anyone
When was it in his will for his voice not to have distinction
Here everything has only one direction
This voice was of somebody that The Prophet knew
Allahu Allahu Allahu

Mohammed was shocked at what he could hear
No friend or relation is definitely here
Then who is this whose voice I can hear,
This sounds like my brother and he feels so near
Oh Allah tell me what’s true is this Ali or is this you?
Allahu Allahu Allahu

The deniers of Ali
02 9th, 2007

Why do we need the rule of the Lord be justified
When our own actions so wrong I am just mystified
Why can’t his guidance just be accepted and not defied
Be careful I think our access to heaven may be just denied
For imagine the shame when the time comes to decide
If we are asked at the door why we should gain entrance
When all our acts are out of ego and pride
I have an answer for Ali will be on my side
abu shahbaaz believes in his leadership but other his right have denied
They are the ones who shall endure the fire of hell
Where the deniers shall not perish but forever dwell
No more denying the right and whats true
Oh you who hate Ali the bottom of hell is waiting for you

Oh Allah for Hussien why do our brothers never cry
Why for Amir ul Momineen Imam Ali with grief are their hearts never filled
Which tyrant can have a tear in his eye
For the martyr he has oppressed and the martyr he has killed.

Without Ali and Hussain who would want to live this life
For help who would one turn too in times of trouble and strife
Abu Shahbaaz would rather die a foetus in the womb and not be born at all
Than live if there was no Hussain to cry for and no Ali for help to call

Freeing Palestine
02 6th, 2007

Why for 50 years Palestine can we not liberate
Why are the muslims weak and zionists so great
Freedom you can establish of our Holy State
Guidance is what you will need but from the Holy Ahlul Bayt(as)
Before you strive for freedom seek help from Ya Mahdi
Next time you strive for freedom start with Bismillah then Say YA ALI

Ya Ali Asghar
02 2nd, 2007

Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Rahim
Allah Bless Mohammed and the Progeny of Mohammed

Inna lillahi wa innanillahi rajiun,
My peace is gone so is my sakoon,

My son is quiet I can hear no sound
For water I brought him but no water he found

Locked to his arm Hussein said my child awake at me please look
This is when the lands of Taf,Najaf and Medina in anger shook

In his hands his Childs blood to the skies Hussein throws
Hurmala may Allah curse you, your atrocities are exposed

In shock Hussein thinks what happened to my little star
In this state to his mother how can I take Ali Asghar

My baby of six months your thirst will be quenched by the prophets hand
I too will see you in Firdaus but for now I will have to bury in this hot hot sand

Ilahi Ilahi to my little star look what they have done
I have been looted they have murdered my baby son

Oh Hussein your grief is too heavy for my heart
Lanat on you yazid and ya Hussein zindabad

When one day the golden gates of heaven fly open for believers wearing white shrouds,
The sinners and sinless both together will stand waiting torn with doubts,
Among the sinners only I Mahmood will be calm,and fearless for what its worth,
Why should I worry oh Ya Ali(a.s) on you my salam,
You already opened heavens gate for me on earth

Waking the misled
02 2nd, 2007

Today this religion is complete is what Allah(SWT) did say,
Why did he not use the word perfect in the revelation that day,
Ali(a.s) as your mawla in the deserts was appointed our leader many heard but still did stray,
Only with Ali’s(a.s) leadership could religion be perfect in the perfect way.

Real Beauty
02 2nd, 2007

I look around at beauty and what do I see,
The truth in the eye can see the truth maybe,
But one who has real guidance from the Almighty
He wherever he looks can only see Ya Ali(a.s)

He is Prayer
02 2nd, 2007

He is mercy he is prayer he is Ya Ali(a.s)
Unlike Adam(a.s), he was never misled he did not eat from the tree,
Nor like Ibrahim(a.s) did he need a blindfold his sacrifice he could see,
Unlike Musa(a.s) no mask for any task did ask he,
Nor like Issa(a.s) did he ever say Oh Lord why have you forsaken me,
But like Muhammed(S.A.W.W) he could not be,
For he himself said even the dust under Muhammeds(S.A.W.W) feet is better than me,
If this is true then someone please tell me,
Why did Muhammed(S.A.W.W) say “Ali(a.s) is with truth and the truth is with Ali(a.s)”

Every breeze that blows brings his essence to me,
Every bird that sings calls out his name to me,
Every dream that appears brings his grace to me,
Every glance at everything leaves his trace with me,
I am his servant forever wherever I maybe
abu shahbaaz is lost and fulfilled in the love of Ya Ali(a.s),
One question can you please answer for me,
Was Ali(a.s) created for the world or the world for Ali?,
No doubt in my mind its not a question for me,
If Ali was not created no creation would be,
No stars no sky no you no me,
Our being is for his being this is proven in history,
There was one caliph who said,
If there was no you Ali(a.s)
Then surely there would be no me!!!