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Archive for February, 2008

Wordly Love
02 7th, 2008

What will happen in the grave

Not thinking about life after death being so brave

Forgetting about the things to us that Allah(SWT) gave

For worldly gains we beg we crave

One thought! our souls we must surely save

satan is always pulling us to his ways

Short is this life so fill it by reciting Allahs(SWT) praise

Be aware that Qiyamat itself is Thousands of days

Fear yourself dont be fooled and fall in love with this world its only a phase

For it has two exits one is eternal bliss in Heaven and the other the fire of Hell a never ending blaze

We cry for Hussien(AS) and say we would before you have died

Yet ask yourself mahmood do you act like his oppressor with ego and pride

Question is can we put our hand on our heart and say we would be on Hussiens(AS) side

Try in a dark room alone and let the truth in you answer and then decide.

Death has to be tasted by all

Each man builds his kingdom and then his kingdom does fall

On earth fearless walking tall

And then comes the Angel and death does call

Fear and weakness set in

Pleading and begging begin

Worrying about every sin

Now a beggar when once a king

The doors of the grave start opening

Oh I forgot just one more thing

This is the start of our reckoning.

To be like Ali(AS) is hard but its harder to make him againFor a new Ahmed(SAWW) a new Zahra(AS) a new Kaaba will not be made the same

And anyway Ali(AS) is he that the nusayrrih call by Allahs(SWT) name

Brothers Allah(SWT) does not create Allah again and again