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The cruel me
02 9th, 2007

I heard the voice of a boy saying help me please
Begging and begging down on his knees
I put my hand in my pocket and felt my Mercedes keys
Gave him a dollar thinking thats todays good deed
I have given to someone someone in need
What did I do, oh no, did I give what is due
Lying to myself trying to hide what is true
Am I really so cruel
Sparing less than what my car costs to fuel
This test just passed me which I did not pass
This of my deed could be my very last
What if death was to take me what would I say in my six foot abode
For my car money I borrowed
But for this kid the same desires I could not follow
Deep inside now I am so empty so hollow
My selfishness in my grave has finally brought me so much sorrow.