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We can spend time drinking tea and in idle chat
Or watching hours of TV, sitting on our couches getting fat
Yet when crying for Hussain we set time limits , WHY IS THAT?
Of this Love Qaza there is not
An act for which the reward is a lot
Every moment missed is a moment we’ve lost
Of fasting ,Haj and even Salat, My brothers your children can do your Qaza
But crying for Hussain is such an Ibadaah
That no restriction of time has been set by Allah(SWT)
Don’t waste your time, Keep saying Ya Hussain Labayk
With this vow , the despots thrones you’ll break,and in Heaven a house for you Allah(SWT) will make
And to your grave will come Ali himself, and you direct to heaven he shall take.

We cry for Hussien(AS) and say we would before you have died

Yet ask yourself mahmood do you act like his oppressor with ego and pride

Question is can we put our hand on our heart and say we would be on Hussiens(AS) side

Try in a dark room alone and let the truth in you answer and then decide.

‘Till my death and in my grave Ya Hussien(A.) I’ll say

I’ll be crying for Hussien(A.S) even when I am risen on Judgement day

When I goto Heaven and when Heaven accepts me

I’ll have a condition and that is to do Hussiens(A.S) azadari

So brothers come cry for Hussien(A.S) and learn to say Ya Ali(A.S)

This is the oath you have to take to join the army of Ya Mahdi (may Allah hasten his appearance)

Oh Allah for Hussien why do our brothers never cry
Why for Amir ul Momineen Imam Ali with grief are their hearts never filled
Which tyrant can have a tear in his eye
For the martyr he has oppressed and the martyr he has killed.

On the day of rising when all will be raised from the ground,
The trumpet will be blown the calling the warning sound,
I abu shahbaaz willl give in my account the names of the First to the Twelfth,
This will give me an amount as heaven in my wealth,
But for you heaven shall be denied,
For the first few names you give themselves in hell they do reside

Oh dear brothers you’ll never understand the love of Hussein
Yet it is very simple dear brothers its so very plain
If Josephs father could cry to blindness for the loss of his son
How can you justify it as bid3aat when we cry for Hussein’s martyrdom
Did Jacob sin when he cried so excessively till he went blind
A Prophet was he, from Allah he was a sign,
Sin could he? no never not in Allahs perfect design
cry once just once for Hussein
oh brothers in these tears the aroma of heaven you shall find