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Rasoolullah cries Hussain
Murtadha cries Hussain
Fatima cries Hussain
Hussain cries ABBAS ABBAS

Safa Marwa cries Hussain
Plains of Mina cry Hussain
Arafa cries Hussain
Hussain cries ABBAS ABBAS

Madina cries Hussain
Karbala cries Hussain
Khan-e-Kabaa cries Hussain
Hussain cries ABBAS ABBAS

Earth and Sky cries Hussain
Tears I weep cry Hussain
Martyrs that die cry Hussain
Hussain cries ABBAS ABBAS

Qadr & Falaq cry Hussain
Noor & Alaq cry Hussain
Land of Fadak cries Hussain
Hussain cries ABBAS ABBAS

My needs cry Hussain
My deeds cry Hussain
Blood I bleed cries Hussain
Hussain cries ABBAS ABBAS

Every insaan cries Hussain
My imaan cries Hussain
Even Quraan cries Hussain
Hussain cries ABBAS ABBAS

Every lover cries Hussain
Every brother cries Hussain
Even his mother cries Hussain
Hussain cries ABBAS ABBAS

My Sajdah cries Hussain
My Dua cries Hussain
My Salah cries Hussain
Hussain cries ABBAS ABBAS

Fajr cries Hussain
Zohar cries Hussain
Asr cries Hussain
Hussain cries ABBAS ABBAS

Isa cries Hussain
Musa cries Hussain
Yahya cries Hussain
Hussain cries ABBAS ABBAS

(this is reciters who have recited at Hyderi Imambargah London)
Ammar cries Hussain (Syed Ammar Nakshwani)
Abathaar cries Hussain (Abathaar al Halwachi)
Mukhtar cries Hussain (Moulana Mukthar Abbas)
Hussain cries ABBAS ABBAS

In my grave cry Hussain
Every slave cry Hussain
Even the brave cry Hussain
Hussain cries ABBAS ABBAS

Abu Shahbaaz cries Hussain
Ghazi Abbas cries Hussain
Angels of Allah cry Hussain
Hussain Cries ABBAS ABBAS
Hussain Cries ABBAS ABBAS

My back is broken
12 16th, 2010

Oh Abbas when your alam is risen and passes us by
We remember to get water for binte Hussain how hard you did try

On ashura this alam fell but we promise forever to hold it high
’till our death your name will always make us cry

When we want our wishes fulfilled Ya bab al Hawaij we ask
but we feel so very shy
We raise our hands in prayer yet ask one whose hands were severed from his side

Ya Abbas when I think of the arrow that pierced through your eye
And when you fell how Sakina started to weep and cry

And how Hussien ran, how Hussien ran
On his way he see’s the first and second hand
Then see’s his brother lying in the sand

But tell me Abbas one thing I cannot understand,
When you fell Abbas how did you land
For we cushion our fall my beloved Abbas
But you when you fell you had no hands

Each step your brother took more and more pain
Hearing you say Adrikini Ya Hussien Adrikini Ya Hussien

and do not take me back, to get water i did fail
Oh Abbas without you ,Sukaina will be slapped and stripped of her veil
Hussien looks at where your lifeless body does lay
Hussiens rises in grief and starts to say

Looking towards Najaf his eyes with dry tears filled.
Oh father Ali My back is broken my back is broken
My Brother Abbas has been killed

Like Hussien, martyrs we can not be
But Zainab, left us with that legacy
On these nights Zahra comes to see
And loves those who do her sons Azadari

To shout out loud and scream his name
We have no restriction and there is no shame
Do it with your hearts show your love for Hussien
Upon your lives with Zahras duas mercy will rain

We are all here today and we are free men
Death may take us and we may not get this chance again
So today give your all and scream out Ya Hussien
An act for which Heaven you’ll Gain

Tonight is the the night of Abu Fazl Abbas
Remember him, his life was in that flask
He is the door to help and whatever is asked
Is fulfilled for those who beg when his alam does pass

The Alam of Abbas
02 2nd, 2007

Why do we hold high the Alam of Abbas ibn Ali,
For Sakinas thirst why do we cry in pain so tearfully,
This Alam is his whose hands were on the river severed from his body,
till today from these cut hands we recieve support and so does the whole of humanity