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Said Zainab to her two sons alive don’t return
You are both sadka for Hussien alive don’t return

Oh sons go, go and of you proud, I shall be
Go fight like my father ,go fight like Ali
Oh Zainab your two stars how they made you so proud
Oh calamity befalls you Zainab
Their bodies you could not bury ,their bodies you could not shroud

Aun and Mohammed go to fight, they look like Zulfikar
They look like just like Ali, but they are children in battle armour
The dust then rises and the sands create a cloud
From within Hussien ya Adrikini Oh uncle help us
They fall and shout out loud

Both martyred with their lifeless bodies,
to the camp Hussien does return
Look Zainab your two sons are martyred,
alive they didn’t return,

How many tears oh Zainab oh Zainab you must have shed
People how this mothers heart must have bled and bled
When she sees the bodies when she sees the heads
When she sees her two sons lying in front of her, covered in blood so red

Look your two sons oh Zainab Alive they didn’t return
Your two sons Oh Zainab Alive they didn’t return

Two stars
12 12th, 2010

Two stars fall from the sky they fall to the ground
Two shining stars on Ashura as martyrs will be crowned
From the heavens Ali and Jaffar in anger will look down
Oh what calamity befalls them
Two flowers in blood are drowned

Ya Zaynab(A.S)
01 26th, 2008

Ya Zainab(as)  when the time comes to leave
My heart breaks more than ever I start to grieve
Walking each step the further I go the heavier it does become
When I leave Hussiens(as) sister here where she suffered in Shaam
I am sorry Ya Zainab(as) in tiredness I do not go
Ya Zainab(as) look abu shahbaaz does not go with zest, whom I depart from I know
I am in total unrest, I walk away in pain and very very slow
To  Zainab(as) oh Muslims what respect do you show
This is the Zainab(as) who saved Islam for every day for every tomorrow  

Zainab And Fatemah
02 25th, 2007
Zainabs Fight
02 2nd, 2007

If Zainab had not fought on,
Then surely Islam would be gone,
She fought the powers and the so called caliph,
Faced with hardships and so much grief,
she carried the message and she won,
for we pray we fast and believe Allah is one,
Oh Zainab without you where would Islam be today,
we owe you our lives you we can never repay,
Mohammed Ali and Hasnain,
All of their struggles would be in vain,
If in the end if Zainab would have lost to pain,
How could she being the daughter of Ali
All this for you and me,
Not remember her how could this be,
We owe this to her for eternity

Ya Zainab(AS)
02 2nd, 2007

Bismilla Hir Rahman Nir Rahim
Allah bless Muhammed and the progeny of Muhammed

A poem for bibi Zainab(AS)

Oh brother Hussein change the rising of the sun
We are unveiled and bruised look to us what they have done
Are we not the daughters of Muhammed(SAWW) the Prophet of Islam
Are we not the people of his house
are we not the upkeepers of the Holy Quran
They laugh at us in Shaam
at us they poke fun
They have forgotten who we are
and from which house we do come
Oh brother Hussein they killed you and after your daughter Sakina they did run
They slapped her and pulled out her earrings to the beating of their drums
Sakina has not slept she looks dead she looks Numb
She has not spoken she is quiet to grief she has succumb
Oh help me me Abbas,Akber,Hussein oh father Ali oh
Fatimah my Mum
I am tired this journey is long,Sajjad is chained and the children cry
All my brothers are gone,I am drained, heads on spears in front of us held high
Oh Mother,Father,Grandfather,I am tired but I fight for Islam and the Martyr Hussein
My Brother ,your son whose every artery was cut and who for Islam bled from every vein.

Oh Zainab your grief is too heavy for my heart
Lanat on you yazid and Ya Hussein zindabad