Poetry dedicated to Islam and the Ahlul Bayt (household Of the last Prophet of mankind)All poems written by Abu Shahbaaz Londoni , poems are copyrighted and maybe used in the promotion of Islam, however all printed material must contain the source or acknowledge the writer unless agreed by prior permission

Of this love Qaza there is not

We can spend time drinking tea and in idle chat
Or watching hours of TV, sitting on our couches getting fat
Yet when crying for Hussain we set time limits , WHY IS THAT?
Of this Love Qaza there is not
An act for which the reward is a lot
Every moment missed is a moment we’ve lost
Of fasting ,Haj and even Salat, My brothers your children can do your Qaza
But crying for Hussain is such an Ibadaah
That no restriction of time has been set by Allah(SWT)
Don’t waste your time, Keep saying Ya Hussain Labayk
With this vow , the despots thrones you’ll break,and in Heaven a house for you Allah(SWT) will make
And to your grave will come Ali himself, and you direct to heaven he shall take.

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