Poetry dedicated to Islam and the Ahlul Bayt (household Of the last Prophet of mankind)All poems written by Abu Shahbaaz Londoni , poems are copyrighted and maybe used in the promotion of Islam, however all printed material must contain the source or acknowledge the writer unless agreed by prior permission

Kerbala and Yathrib (old name of Medina)

Oh land of Karbala and land of Yathrib
Today a child, when before his Uncle and his Grandmothers rib

Oh look Fatimah, They will never stop
Until these Hell-Seekers have of blood spilt every single drop

Oh the seeds of Karbala had been planted long ago
When the door was kicked, when Zahra was hit by that blow

You took one child oh seekers of hell
Why then did you have to take the life of Ali Asgher aswell

Oh Ahle-Muhammed for you, our hearts are full of sorrow
Where once it was Mohsin, today Asgher will follow

The Blood of his son, to the skies Hussain throws
Oh door kicker and hurmala your atrocities are exposed

These are the days when innocence did die
Oh door kicker and yazid I have just one question.. Why, Why, Why?

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