Poetry dedicated to Islam and the Ahlul Bayt (household Of the last Prophet of mankind)All poems written by Abu Shahbaaz Londoni , poems are copyrighted and maybe used in the promotion of Islam, however all printed material must contain the source or acknowledge the writer unless agreed by prior permission

Bibi Sakina (AS)

Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Rahim
Allah bless Muhammed and the progeny of Muhammed

A poem for bibi Sakina/Rukaya (AS)

I saw my father beheaded lying on the ground
I saw my brother Akber in his own blood he was drowned

Where is Asghar,I can’t hear him cry, nothing not a sound
I saw my uncle Abbas his head with arrows was crowned

I saw my Cousin Qassim his body blood did surround
Then the enemies stole my earrings and chased me round and round

I am Sakina I am only four water from me for three days they did keep
Now I am in this jail a dungeon so very deep

I have no tears , I am drained I can not even sleep
I remember the events in Taf and then I start to weep

My aunt Zainab is tired and my brother is sick and frail
I want to see my sister Sughra and I want back my veil

Instead they bring my fathers head I scream and in my heart I start to wail
Oh shia don’t forget my troubles I am Sakina I was only a child and I died in this very jail

Oh Sakina your grief is too heavy for my heart
Lanat on you yazid and Ya Hussein zindabad

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