Poetry dedicated to Islam and the Ahlul Bayt (household Of the last Prophet of mankind)All poems written by Abu Shahbaaz Londoni , poems are copyrighted and maybe used in the promotion of Islam, however all printed material must contain the source or acknowledge the writer unless agreed by prior permission

What Sakina Sees

In the deserts so arid and dry,
A child looks on with hope so great,

She keeps her on eye on a flag flying so high,
And when she sees it fall her heart does break,

Her hope is destroyed her hope does die,
When Abbas falls her waiting now has no more wait

This is the uncle on who, her and Hussain do rely
He is no more binte Hussain this is the begining of your heartache

Yet She hasn’t seen the arrow in her beloved uncles eye
Nor has She has she seen how her fathers heart breaks

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